Woodwork Services in Holbrook, NY

On-site Woodwork Restoration

For your archeticual woodwork restoration projects, our work site is your home. We provide professional paint stripping, surface preparation, and refinishing of your woodwork, all while protecing the rest of your home from the process. Wheter you need a complete restoration or are just interested in fine touch-up of your existing finish, Eastend Woodstrippers can help you restore and uncover the natural beauty of your woodwork.

Our principal, Dean Camenares, is a published expert in wood restoration. For more information on our process, please visit our pages that describe how we strip paint on-site, and continue on to read about how we can create the perfect finish for your woodwork. Contact us today to learn more about our woodwork services in Holbrook, NY.

In-Shop Stripping of Removable Woodwork

Our Affiliate company, Park Slope Paint Strippers, can strip and restore your removable woodwork such as doors, shutters, balusters, and much more. Our state of the art stripping stations at our shop can make your restoration project much more affordable. Call for FREE curbside pickup & delivery in New York City at 718-783-4112 (minimums apply), or visit our affiliate's website for more information.

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